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Holiday Refreshments
Saturday December 22 - 1:00p.m.
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Gunther working the cash register

New Handgun of the Week: S&W 586 $780

New Rifle of the Week: Ruger Precision bolt 10-22 $407

Used Handgun of the Week: Sig P220 $695

Used Handgun of the Week: Remington 1911$1 $595

Used Rifle of the Week: 
Browning BAR $575

Used Shotgun of the Week: 
Mossberg 930 $475

Military  Gun of the Week: Springfield M1A $1625

Special: Stevens 320 $175

Special: Auto Ordnance 1911A1 $450

Buster's Pick: S&W 686-6 $725

Buster's Pick: Kel-Tec Sub2K $468

Buster's Pick: S&W 41 $1300
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