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Weekly Update

MA Firearms Safety Class:
Saturday May 12, 10:00am, $100
Walk-Ins Welcome


New Handgun of the Week: Ruger SP101 $696

New Rifle of the Week: Ruger PC Carbine $515

Used Handgun of the Week: Sig Sauer 2022 $395

Used Handgun of the Week: S&W M!5 $450

Military  Gun of the Week: M1 Garand $1100

Used Shotgun of the Week: Remington 1100 $750

TriStar Raptor $295

Special: Rock Island 1911 A1 $612

Buster's Pick: Sig P226 $825

Buster's Pick: S&W 586 $780

Buster's Pick: Feinwerkball AW93 $2200
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